Two new unique Charleston Paintings

Just Beautiful - Charleston
Just Beautiful -Charleston
Charleston Dreaming

The creative process is all about making the imagined into reality! Some days it is exhilarating… other days one is pulling, almost agonizing, the bits of vision into daylight.

Currently I have just excitedly finished two paintings with Charleston scenes.

“Just Beautiful” The scene is unfolding on the Battery at White Point Gardens. The battery wall is in the background, glorious deep red Oleander blooms in the foreground and two nineteenth century ladies with a new camera and… well, you can tell your version of the story.

“Charleston Dreaming” The scene is oceanside on Murray Boulevard. What if you could obtain any home in the historic old Charleston area? The thought sets the mind racing. It would certainly have columns, azaleas, palmetto trees, perhaps be yellow, that is a happy color and a welcoming door. Dreams are our hearts reality.

Both these paintings are daydreams put on canvas. The unique custom framing is slightly shabby-chic off white with genuine iron scrollwork inset into the hardwood frame. The effect is one of a kind.

Each are Oil on Canvas 31″x 36″ (Frame adds inches). Complete with certificate of authenticity and biography of artist.

“Just Beautiful” ………………(custom framing and shipping included)

“Charleston dreaming” ….(custom framing and shipping included)

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