Giclee on canvas of Diana being placed by art patron.

Charleston Original Paintings


Charleston harbor, on the Battery.

Look Longingly Seaward

The site is the Battery wall in Charleston, cleome flowers are full of bloom at the street steps. She anxiously awaits his ship’s return as distant haze obscures her view.

Impressionistic Original Oil on canvas on wood bars   24″ x 30″


Impressionistic painting on canvas. The solitude of a sheltered space fragrant with garden blooms.
Charleston Veranda – SOLD


There is a wealth of possible painting ideas in Charleston and the Carolinas. It is sooo hard to choose! Which one ignites the fire of imagination to start the creative process?

I have found that for me it’s the inhaled breath and the Oooh sparks of brain cells. Then the adapting, adding or subtracting, to put on canvas or paper the vision!

Each day bursts with possibilities … can’t wait to begin the next art work!